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2017 Spring and Summer Outlook

It sure is nice to have a more "real" winter in Montana. January 2017 was the coldest in 40 years, which some might find to be miserable, while I find it to be a relief. To me it meant great powder skiing and an increase in snow pack rather than a thaw resulting in decrease in snow pack. So many of the previous winters had crazy warm spells which brought temperatures into the 60's and even 70's which brought to me many anxieties about the future summer's Fly Fishing season, but not this year, at the moment Spring and Summer 2017looks to be good to great.

Here is the link to the website with the snow pack information. If you take a look you will see that all of our river drainages are at 100% or above. This is especailly good news for the Yellowstone River Drainage which is at 130% , which I am sure that you all heard about last years terrible season on the Yellowstone. With a healthy flushing of extra water it should greatly help the old Yelly. Honestly I hope the river is so high that we can't fish it until late July! In reality if you are fishing the Yellowstone in June its going to really suck later. The Madison and the Gallatin as well as the Missouri all look good at the moment and there is still plenty of winter left! Our wettest months are March through May so bring it on!

So maybe you are thinking that all this water is going to mean a long run-off? Well could be... So if it is looking that way come May or June there is always the Mighty Missouri! There is always an option. In fact when the waters are raging on some rivers it very well could be epic on others including the Land Of the Giants , or one of our tributaries that perhaps you have never fished, or even heard of. If you are interested in booking a Spring Land of Giants trip drop me a line and lets get it on the books. But until Spring I'm going to keep enjoying skiing powder after all God made Montana have multiple seasons for a reason, right?

I hope all of you are doing well and I really do look forward to seeing you this upcoming Fishing Season. If you have any questions about when to come out and where to go when the water is high please either drop me an email, , or give me ring on the phone, 406-580-5752.

Y'all take care now!

Sean "Captain EFF-BOMB" Efferson

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