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The Fall Season is Near

Again this has been another great fishing season with cooler water coming out of Hebgen Dam. The hatches were prolonged to give us an epic June and July, all the way into August. We even had some good days on the Yellowstone River before it reached near record lows. Crazy thing is, the Yellowstone River drainage had near 100% snowpack this year but unfortunately, the very warm spring created an quick early melt leaving us with not much to work with for the rest of the summer. Lucky for us, we have the very reliable Madison and Gallatin Rivers right in our backyards. These strongholds have consistently provided good to excellent fishing this year. For now, we are waiting for the Hoppers and other Terrestrials to become interesting enough for the trout to sink their teeth into, which I believe will be happening any minute now. Unlike the last few years, this year has been an abundant with grasshoppers and beetles, flying and clicking their way along the rivers and lakes. For right now, the nymphing on the Madison and the Gallatin is good to outstanding. This is great news for the middle of August.

Soon Fall will be here, bringing cool weather, yellow aspens, red willows, and our favorite- orange and black halloween suit clad brown trout. That is worth getting excited about.

So for now let's think about getting out on the river for Septemeber and October, maybe fish the Lower Madison for fish that have not been caught all summer, or maybe a trip to the Land of the Giants for a fish of a lifetime. If you have not been to the Land of the Giants you might want to consider doing it soon because the access is sketchy at best and the Permit that I have allows me to fish for the rest of this year but with this place the future is unknown as far as outfitting and guiding are concerned.

Hope to hear from you soon! Drop me an email or a phone call


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